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ZAYLAND – Numb @zaylandxx

“Numb” is the breakout single from off of ZAYLAND’s recent self-produced EP, “Cool Cool”. The mood is set in the very beginning with the soft keyboard and his angelic voice floating over the chords in a way that’s reminiscent of Frank. The drop of this is still present and very felt with heavy Kick, light but drilling hi hats, and an impeccable base line. A must listen, and a perfect song for summer or just reminiscing of what once was.

ZAYLAND was born in Tokyo but moved to Texas when he was young. A multi-instrumentalist, at 20 years old he has a lot to prove. Heavily influenced by artist like Pharrell, Kaytranada, Young Thug, Nirvana, Drake, BROCKHAMPTON, Goldlink, Amine and artist similar he has many outlets of sound he can go to. He’s also into multiple genre’s and in the future will start to veer into those genre’s too, but for now he wants to keep pushing his sounds until they can catch a mainstream audience.

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