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Yojoshjones – Shine My Light @yojoshjones

Yojoshjones video, “Shine My Light”, is the first single off “Knowledge & Ignorance” but sis song two in the story line of the album. This project goes along with the theme of Josh’s life story of hope and change. The beginning of world change comes from the mind, stemming from evolving the education system to help push ourselves toward a better world. Each song spotlighting a part of Josh’s most inner conscience, which ironically went along with different pieces of Jones’ actual life.

After six years of crafting his music behind closed doors, Jones’ was very eager to release new content. So in 2017 he decided to put out a song a month from multiple different genres of music to figure out what sound he and his listeners gravitated towards the most. Now that he has figured out his sound he is ready to take the industry by storm with his project, “Knowledge & Ignorance”. Josh and his team are working on rolling out the project through visuals that captivate and awe. Josh Jones is putting in his prominence performing at Toronto open mic’s, which has earned him a feature on a local blog called ‘A Night In The 6ix’. Living by the motto, “Music with a meaning”, we see the future looking astronomically bright for this young star.

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