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With a crazy amount of unique flows and flowing lyricism, Ohio Hip-hop artist “Yimbo”, shows off his talented versatility of rapping and singing throughout his music. Following the 2016 release of his last tape DAZE, he is currently finishing up his 4th project called “FLAVORS”, which is set to drop in July or August 2018. His sound has musical influences of Lil Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z, and Drake, which gives his music a confident but energetic bounce almost anyone could vibe to! Yimbo is also currently an artist affiliated with the group “Reign Supreme”, which currently hosts for other hip-hop artist as well.

Check out his latest single Kick’in Flav (feat. SplashOfGold)

Kick’in Flav (Feat. SplashOfGold) by Yimbo_RSR Reign Supreme Artists “Yimbo” and “SplashOfGold” kick some flavor to your ears on their new song “Kickin Flav”! Catch the wave first right here!

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