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It is the busiest time of the year and all throughout the country people are hustling to get their Holiday shopping completed.  There will be billions of dollars spent on gifts for family and loved ones during this Holiday season.  Hearts will be filled with cheer and smiles will grace the faces of millions of children on Christmas morning (this is a beautiful thing).  Wrapping paper and boxes will fill many living rooms before making their way to your trash cans, toys will be enjoyed and spirits will be made bright.  All of this is what makes the Holiday so special to many Americans.

I encourage you all to take time and be present during this Holiday season, live in the moments that are being created, embrace the joy and energy that you receive from your children, family, and friends.  Soak it all up!  I also encourage you all to take a moment to “think outside the box” for a quick minute.  Think outside the(big box store) boxes that will lay around on your living room floor, think outside the boxes that have temporary homes under your Christmas tree.  I would like for you to Think about carrying on this spirit into 2017 and throughout!  This is where I issue a challenge to those of you so bold to take it on……… but first, let me explain a decision that my family and I made.

My wife Denise and I along with my two children Mireya age (4) and Greyson (1) are going to find several places in our community to volunteer our time and energy too throughout the year.  We are looking for causes that we believe in and places that sincerely need the help.  It is our (really my goal) to touch 3 agencies, organizations, or establishments and give them each 4 hours of our time.  I know that this is not a lot, but I feel with our schedules it is a big enough sacrifice for our family.  I believe that 12 hours is enough time to show my 4year old daughter that there is more to life than receiving gifts. My aim is to model for her that life in and of itself is a gift and that true joy comes from helping others (not just during the Holidays).  I firmly believe that this is the ONLY way we can create positive change in our societies. What the churches are doing is GREAT, but we can do more!  What the local non-profits are doing is GREAT, but we can do more.  What the local businesses and the CITY is doing is GREAT, but we can do more. I think you all get my point and this is now my challenge to you…. do more!

Think creatively, think outside of the traditional methods, think about doing more!  It does not have to be about money (notice I did not say “buy more!”)  it should be about MANKIND in general regardless of race, gender, religion, or political affiliation.  Maybe then we will start to see how much more we have in common and we will begin to disregard our differences.

Break away from the box that is telling you that you need to work 40 plus hours a week just to sustain a lifestyle that society says is suitable for you. You do not have to be on the run so much everyday all day that you cannot create space for yourself to unwind and think.  Break away just for a moment and embrace the empirical truth that you are here now, TODAY and that tomorrow is not promised, that you only have one shot at life in this dimension and after that….. well….. no human living knows for certainty what follows.  Embrace the fact (albeit a bit morbid) that as long as you continue living, people around you will continue to die.

NOW, I want you to embrace the fact that your LIFE is the greatest gift and sharing this gift with others is the greatest joy and the foundation on which true happiness is built.   DO MORE, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  I promise someone will be made better for it!

LOVE&RESPECK,  I wish each one of you a very special and very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

David G. Miller Jr. and Family

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