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What we Talking Bout Podcast – YOU KNOW THE VIBES

#WWTB? @Whtwetalkinbout back in the building, back in the place to be. YOU KNOW THIS VIBES. On this show, we addressed @Trav_Dave energy he gives off on the show. Trav and @Ceoreese get into about J Cole and Rick Ross. @Dez_Arnez gets into his food bag crazy on this episode. We talked about men getting hair implants. 69 snitching on his man. Tory lanez getting bodied by a rapper chic. Blueface not knowing his record deal and more. Shouts to our team!

@1tysoflyy @ash_chante77 @thekidblaze @ceoreese @trav_dave @dez_arnez @whoisjaewood. Shouts to Car loan tone.If you need a car call 614-504-3839. #betheFloh! And as always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of View

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