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What we Talking Bout Podcast – Ye vs The People

@Whtwetalkinbout boys aka #lemonLoafboyz back on schedule this week. @Dez_Arnez, @CeoReese, and @Trav_Dave talk about Pretty gals and the privilege that comes along with it. Do ladies fly guys out and if you’re a guy would you let them do it. We talked about the Buck I Guy and the drama he got himself into. Of course, we talked about @KanyeWest and his rants, @Nas, and Kelis, Pill Cosby,@liltunechi ( Lil Wayne), @RealColeWorld (J Cole) and all your favorites. Shouts to Meek Mill. The new show in bio Listen, Rate, Subscribe on iTunes. 5 stars always look good. Live Show info coming soon. Shouts to superstar engineer @TheKidBlaze #WWTB. The Culture from a Midwest Point of View.

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