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What we Talking Bout Podcast – Sunflower

#WWTb? @whtwetalkinbout Podcast…. It’s our Anniversary yeah yeah. 1 year into this ride. It’s been amazing. On this episode, We had the beautiful @tysoflyyyy aka @1TylerMarie on IG as our co-host. We talked about pastor John Gray and the Lambo truck, We talked about Jeff and Amazon. Lemon pepper wings, We talked about No panties or panties, how do you feel about Women harassing Women. Valentine’s day around the Corner The questions game on IG…niggas is looking like CLOWNS with some of the answers. Problematic songs.

We also World Premiered a New Record from @FateistheDj aka DJ Fate, @RashadMusic produced by @ChaseNCashe “wait and see”. Shout out to our sponsor Car Loan tone.

You need help getting a new whip, talk to our guy car loan tone Bad credit, No credit Repossessions, that’s cool we can connect you to our guy Car loan tone to Help you out. Reach out to him at 614-504-3839 Car Loan Tone. #wwtb The Culture from a Midwest Point of View

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