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What we Talking Bout Podcast – Golden Hour

#WWTB? @Whtwetalkinbout back in the building, back in the place to be. It’s Valentines week and we know how social media gets. The Heartbreak Hotel is a real thing to. On this show, we had our ladies @1tysoflyyaka She is one of us now and @ash_chante77 aka The Fairy Godmother of Floh. Powered by Floh Vodka, We talked about Tylers Super Bowl weekend, Dez in Jamaica, Ash scared to shoot her shot, is your vagina racist, Gucci and Prada being racist, Russell Wilson being corny, Lori Harvey being a Gold Digger, Bhris Brown being angry and a bunch of Valentine day stuff. #Bethefloh Floh responsibility. Special shouts to Dionte from Sole Classics. We also played a song by #CB6 ‘carried by 6″ produced by @S0op_ called “It’s only right”. Album out on all streaming services. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of View.

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