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What we Talking Bout Podcast – Going Bad

#wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout. Man listen, this has been a great year for our podcast. 1st off thank you to everybody that listened to at least one episode. Grateful for your time. 2nd, Shout out the team for putting in that work, it’s only just begun. On our latest and greatest, we recap all the pretty ladies that like hot dogs from Speedway. We talked Kanye rants, King of R&B, Cardi and Offset, Ladies, taking thumbs in the butt and little spit in the booty. We talked about flats vs drums and so much more random shit. We have the greatest hit show coming soon and then we will get right back to doing what we do. Thank you all again. We all humbled and grateful

@dez_arnez, @ceoReese @thekidblaze @trav_dave and the 5th member @whoisJaeWood. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of View.

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