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What we Talking Bout Podcast – Cancel The DMs

#WWTB#BetheFloh… What’s good people? Your boys a day late but not a dollar short. We are back with another fire episode of @whtwetalkinbout. Happy bday Dez. This week show we took back to the essence. Back at Sole Classics, The team talked about DinnerGate as dezi’s birthday dinner. We talked about a weasel situation, had weasel court. Dez Franklin had a word for our brothers in 2019. Back by popular demand, we had the infamous TySoFly aka The Henny Honey back on the show. We talked about hoes making good housewives. Protecting black women, Kamala Harris running for President. We got back in our music back talking about Game vs Kim K, Tory vs Don Q, Yes Julz and Chris Brown and ended the show talking about twitter after dark. Shouts out to Brandi from @takecontrolpodcast and @whoisjaewood.

Shouts to out sponsor Car loan Tone. If you need a car hit him up at 614-504-3839. Always, The culture from A Midwest point of view.

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