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Wavele$$ – Cascade @WavelessNY

“Cascade” is the first visual and final single off of Wavele$$’ “Butterfly FX”. In itself, it’s a self-reminder to him of where he came from, what the young rapper has seen. Most importantly though, it’s a reminder of what is most important to him, family.

Coming out of a depressed state I had dwelled in for years, peaking at a point where I had wanted to kill myself. I realized how beautiful life is and all the lovely memories I had the privilege to experience. Since I graduated High School my town has lost people, whom I’ve known & some I haven’t, to suicide. I wanted to make this song to talk about why I chose to live life instead of losing a battle with my own emotions.

Wavele$$ is an artist from the small town of Wappingers Falls, an hour north of New York City. He has been producing since 14 and has produced 99% all of his solo work to date. Focusing his career around building a community, Wavele$$ has spent a lot of time collaborating with other talented acts such as Ottawa’s Training Season, New York City’s Whyae, & Tacoma’s own UGLYFRANK of the ILLFIGHTYOU collective.

Wavele$$ cares as much about those who share his passion as he does his own career. He’s had the opportunity to be an extra in Denzel Curry’s Clout Cobain (A Fun Fact) as well as Recording a single at Bodega Boys’ Popup at The Bronx Brewery. A student of the culture, Wavele$$ seeks out to dive deeper into becoming a part of the culture, & world that he loves. His music is a testament to himself and his friends, his experiences in his personal life and his growth.

Wavele$$ forthcoming debut “Butterfly FX” is a project based of a metaphor in terms of his own growth, being comparable to the metamorphosis of a Butterfly, while also noting his own actions have an impact on those around him, inspiring a change for the betterment of himself.

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