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Twon Lamar – Friends & Family

Speaking on the inspiration of this record, Twon says:

I’m telling a story that really came out of frustration because my phone only rang when someone needed me to do something for them. N****s wouldn’t be like ‘hey, how you doing?’ or nothing. They only cared about themselves and what they could either get out of me or from me. So I had to start nipping it in the bud and telling people about themselves; and as a result, I lost a lot of friends and became distant with a lot of family members as well. And this is where the title of the track come from (“Friends and Family”) because this is basically my message to them.

About Twon Lamar

Born to a 15-year-old mother in Milwaukee, WI, Twon Lamar started falling in love with music at the age of 6 with his first favorite record being “Many Men” by 50 Cent. Around the same time, he was always in and out of recording studios as his father was a rapper; however, seeing his father struggle in the music business prevented him from wanting to have any parts with the industry growing up. As a result of living in one of the most racially segregated cities in the United States and seeing his parents struggle, Twon Lamar decided to take education seriously because he felt that education was his only way to break the generational curse and get out of the hood. However, after averaging a 4.0 in high school and not getting any scholarships to college, Twon Lamar turned to music and began to audio engineer records for himself and his friends at the age of 19. Fast-forward 4 years later, he is just putting out his first single” Friends & Family”. When speaking to Twon about his music journey, he said, “It feels like I have been doing music forever because I struggled to get a quality sound for so long. But now that I somewhat figured it out, I’m only going to get better and the music is going to keep improving over time.” Pay very close attention to his development over the years because Twon Lamar could very well be the next big face in Hip-Hop.

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