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Tony Terry is Taking The Ladies To The River by DJ Layne Luv

There are some opportunities people work for, and then there are some that are just God given. You can tell which is which by how things fall into place. Well, when I got the call from a company named Divine Engineering, I should have known by the title that this mission was ordained by a higher power. Vince asked me if I knew who Tony Terry was, and me being a music historian, I excitedly said yes. From there, Vince told me that Terry had a single out and if I’d be interested in writing a few blogs to help promote the song. As a rule in show business, a journalist must remain cool at all times, but inside, I was jumping up and down. This was a singer I watched on Video Soul chopping it up with Donnie Simpson on the couch. Tony Terry had a song called She’s Fly that our neighborhood crew practiced dance steps to. There was no need to research the crooner, I already knew his resume.

My mind dates back to being a senior at Northland High School when I caught nostalgia on Mr. Terry’s career. Back in the day, there was a dedication line on weeknights in inner city Columbus Ohio, and guys and girls would call in to the station Power 106.3fm and dedicate a slow song to each other. It was a chance to hear your voice on the radio and earn cool points with the opposite sex. Well, I remember two songs that were very popular in 1991…The first song was of course Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition and the other song was With You by Tony Terry. Now of course, Jodeci and Boyz II Men were killing the charts at that time, but a guy dedicated With You to his girl if he was really digging the young lady. Not to mention it is still THE Wedding song to get married to.

Fast forward to 2018…Mr. Tony Terry is still giving young love something to groove and romance to. These days Mr. Terry has found the fountain of youth, because he looks and sounds BETTER than he did in 1988. However, make no mistake about it, he accredits his preservation to God. He takes pride in the fact he likes balance in his life. As a father and grandfather, he prioritizes his music life with his family life. While he loves music, that doesn’t get in the way of him making lunch for his 11 year old son while conducting this interview to promote his new single Take Me. A very sensual ballad by the way, that will have women feeling sexy from Detroit to Mississippi.

As a recommendation I recommend you stream the song first, and then download it to your music devices. When I was growing up as a teenager we had “slow jam” tapes, today we have playlist and mix cds. (yes people are still making mixed cds hahaha) Take Me will definitely make your slow jams list. I’m happy to see the soul singer still relevant and confident in the music he is delivering. He took his time picking the songs so that each listen will be better than the first. He guarantees his listeners will not be disappointed.

Below is our interview. Please listen to this wonderful conversation about his musical growth from the time he started out in New Jack Washington DC to his days touring with soul legend Roberta Flack. This convo is one I will cherish for a very long time.




DJ Layne Luv chops it up with R&B Singer Tony Terry by UptownWitLayneLuv He’s back ladies and gentlemen! and he’s got a real hot single! It’s definitely baby making music for the 2018 cuffing season. We caught up with the crooner to see after a long hiatus on the music scene ..the why…the why now. To All Tony Terry fans….your questions will be answered in this interview.

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