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The P Is Not Silent by DJ Layne Luv

There are legends around people never knowing what Big Daddy Kane looked like before they met him, only to find out the he wasn’t a big fella at all. Other legends talked about people not knowing that Russell Simmons was running Def Jam all because he wore nothing but a t-shirt, a pair of Adidas and jeans to all of his board meetings. What I’m saying is certain things just catch people off guard based on the images they hold in their head. One particular day, a label sent me an artist package of a rapper they believed in. As I watched the video, the sound I heard was very southern and images in the were shot in the backwoods of a rural area that gave the impression the rapper was from the Dirty South. After a few phone conversations with the label, the Atlanta business man said “Yeah Capital P is right where you’re from.” I said “What do you mean?” He stated ” Yeah my artist is from Delaware Ohio.” I just smiled because I knew from there I could build with the artist.

Because of properly executed management, I didn’t meet Capital P until their airing of my new show Work Out Wednesday’s with The Fleet DJ’s. I already liked the video, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like the person. However, after what took place when the show started, I wasn’t sure he would like me. (LOL) To explain, once my show starts, my phone becomes a television camera as I start the Live feed on Facebook and from that point I don’t receive incoming calls. When me and the fellas started playing music we just went in a zone so I didn’t know I had the artist Cap P waiting in the lobby for 30 minutes or more. But my colleague Avian Drummonds (CEO) finally got the rapper up to the studio where we were playing for his interview. Once he stepped in the room, any misunderstanding we had about the arrival time was cleared up by good tunes. It was a party from there. I played Cap P’s new single El Hombre to a room full of scrunched up faces, which was a good thing. It was so nice that all the DJ’s in room wanted copies immediately sent to their  flash drives. After that, Capital P shut the room down with a 15 minute freestyle.

*Cap has worked with numerous industry artist including Grammy Award Winning Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony .

After the show was over, we all took promo shots for Instagram and politicked for an addition hour. But I wanted to know about the artist himself. I had to know the man behind the lyrics…So ladies and gentleman, without further adieu …Capital P. 

SOHH: First of all we appreciate you being on the show tonight. What I’d like to gain from this conversation is to see if we can get a feel for who you are and what your music’s about. Do you currently have any projects out?

CapP: Oh Yeah…The album that I have coming out soon is called The Book Of Joshua. I mean you said you wanted to know about me right? Well Joshua is my real name and I’m really opening myself up to my fans. It’s all real no gimmicks. You know I have to believe in this body of work to name it after myself. That’s what happening right now in music. You have to take a risk and open yourself up to exposure. People wanna see you bleed hahaha.

I also have a mixtape coming out entitled Who’s The King. The concept was to take two beats per song of two artists that everybody feel is that rapper and smash both beats. So check that out as well.

SOHH: Now hold on now…because exposing yourself can be a good thing or a bad thing. Reality tv shows us that exposing too much can actually hurt your career. So according to how you’d like to be viewed how much is too much and are you worried about the risk?

CapP: Man hell naw….no sir not at all. We’re in the age people want that real shit. This generation knows life is like taking drugs, the party only lasts for so long and then when you come down from that high, you either deal with reality or look for your escape. Because everything is exposed, the generation says fuck it, we gonna take the good with the bad, but we’ll gonna give that middle finger while doing it.

SOHH: Damn! I’ve never had someone break down today’s music in a way that I could understand it clearly on why it sounds the way it sounds.

CapP: Let me be clear tho, the wave that’s out right now, I’m not knocking it, but I’m not on that shit. I don’t just take a formula to sound like the next man. You’re gonna hear some content when you hear my music. But you’re also gonna rock to it as well. What’s real will maintain real. Truthfully I’m tired of hearing the same old shit and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The truth will always be the truth.

Listen man, blowing up is cool, but I want to be taken seriously. I know that everything ain’t for everybody but I can only tell you about the feedback I receive on my projects is always positive, so I just keep headed toward the light.

SOHH: Competition can be pretty tough in this game. Do you concern yourself when the competition tries to take this thing other places than music?

CapP: Yeah so first of all, they don’t want to do that hahaha. I’m humble but I don’t back down from shit. You do you and let me and mines do us. I’m a rapper but I’m really quiet. I see everything. Or shall I say I feel it first. If you are in tune with your surroundings, you know who’s not fuckin with you. So I either steer clear or if you’re in my way, deal with what’s in front of me. But I tell em…don’t poke the bee’s nest because you will get what you came for.

SOHH: Last question, if you could change one thing about the industry right now, what would it be?

CapP: Get rid of fuck niggas…

SOHH: (chokes on laughter) huh?

CapP: Nah you heard me big homey, get rid of fuck niggas, you can close ya interview with that!

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