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The 90’s! Back Like It Never Left. By Delayne Whiteside


Who knew or would even think that a kid born in Harlem USA and a kid born in Boston MA. , would be the architects of a sound and a movement that would last for decades? Did Teddy Riley and Bobby Brown solely create the 90’s sound? By heavens NO! But they did usher in an image that set the stage for a string of hits that made people want to dance but kept a strong connection to the culture of the street. Add that with a sample of Graham Central Station’s The Jam and you’ve created a decade of  some really good music and even more so, some incredible memories. To depict the 90’s in a word…F-U-N!

Maybe this is why 90’s music never dies. Most of the music of that time sounds like one big ass party.  In 2016, prominent artists of that decade continue to tour the world blazing stages and receiving handsome ransoms for that feeling of nostalgia. This past weekend, 90’s Fest came to Columbus Ohio and it did not disappoint. With a lineup like DJ Jazzy Jeff,  Spin Doctors, Sisqo, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Sister Hazel, and actor/comedian Pauly Shore as the host how could you go wrong? There was something at that festival for everyone. As you entered The Columbus Commons, there was a multi-cultural feel of harmony. The audience really got into the throw-back styles of that era as well. I witnessed big fat cell phones and colorful bright outfits, (even some flowery shirts. #eyebrowraise) Even Pauly got into it, with his florescent paint-stroked suit.


DJ Jazzy Jeff really moved the crowd playing hits like Ini Kamoze “Here Comes The Hotstepper” along with his own critical hit song “Summertime”. Sisqo and Spin Doctors gave electrifying arena-style performances that left the audience in awe. Pauly Shore kept the night flowing of laughter with his California laid back attitude on-stage and backstage. However, when Bone Thugs N Harmony entered the stage…it became a different kind of show. From WishBone’s battle cry “O-H….and the crowd responded I-O! you knew that they were at home and welcomed home. The rain wanted to beat harder, but even the weather had to respect the homeboys for a little while. As they closed the show with their Grammy Award winning song Crossroads, you could feel the spirit of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Eazy E fill the night air blessing the melodic rappers. It was only a little disappointing that the hometown legend Bizzy Bone was not in attendance.

Uptown Weekly caught up with concert promoters Brittany Landers and Dominic Petrozzi to see what all the fuss is about.

UW: Why are nostalgic, decade-driven events like the 90s Fest such a hit? What makes yours unique, what’s the overall appeal?

BL: “I think 2016 is tough, honestly. We all have immense responsibilities- raising children, working one to three full-time jobs, trying to find time for family and friends- and the idea of “going back to a simpler time” is wildly appealing. The 90s Fest really provides that escape with Nickelodeon #throwbactivities like life-sized Guts and Double Dare games, an emphasis on dressing totally 90s, and bringing some of the best acts of that era into a modern day setting.”

As a man born in the mid 70’s, it is refreshing to see Millennials going back to a time where people liked to do the running man, watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, all while singing a MMMbop song by Hanson (in a much cooler way of course lol) The brilliant Pharell Williams movie DOPE depicts this newfound back to the future moment we see today.

Whether you think the 90’s was cool or lame, if you just allow it to just BE….you’ll go back to a time of artistic freedom and diverse creativity. The 90’s was more than just Air Jordans, Hi-Top fades and Hammer pants. It was a time of Boy meets World, Girl meets Inner Power which magnified the forever youthful Rock N Roll attitude that goes on and on throughout time…..We Do What The F*CK We Want!

If 90’s Fest comes to your town, you’ll cheat yourself by not attending this show.

Below..Please check out my interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff! As a DJ (even if you aren’t one) you’ll still have no idea what an honor this was. We talked mostly about DJ stuff, but I’m sure you will be entertained. By the way, Jeff if you read this blog, you made this kid from Columbus Ohio’s day! Thank you.






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