• clifton binnon


Director Matthew Arnold dives into what it’s like for a degenerate to overcome a break up. An escapade of a runaway heartbreak, M9 delivers a cinematic feature that tells not a story but moments of someone on the decline, relying in drugs, alcohol and a rebound for salvation as SMKRSROOM wears his heart (and voice) on his sleeve at the center of it all.

Smkrsroom is an entity created by Pat Woods, a singer-songwriter from Orlando, FL. The alias represents a creative space, leaving room to liberate oneself from a status quo and challenge their identity to become more revolutionary, musically and personally. His sound alines with the likes of DVSN, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Bryson Tiller and others in the PBR&B realm but as a ghostwriter at heart, you may hear nods at others who’ve inspired the penmanship. His first EP, “Songs For Sale”, is due early 2019.


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