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Shop Talk: @DJLayneLuv Chops It Up Wit @NeekTheExotic of Main Source

2016 was the year veteran rappers took matters in their own hands. It’s like they finally caught on to the lesson the millennial rappers have been doing all along. They are not waiting for labels to say what’s hot and what isn’t. We’ve seen classic rappers such as Common, The Lox, ATCQ, & De La Soul bumrush iTunes with force.

Well, independents like Neek The Exotic have been using that formula. First coming out in 1992, Neek took his time and studied the game, which is why he is still around in 2017. Plus when you have worked with and soaked up the game from a legendary producer such as Large Professor, one can’t help but reap those residuals.

Uptown Weekly learned a lot kickin it with Neek The Exotic of Fakin The Funk/ Main Source fame. He’s still puttin in much work and tells perpetrators that fake jacks not to sleep on him or anyone else still making good music for that matter. He talks about his days in Queensbridge and takes the listener back to the early 90’s when Queens was scorching. He also talks about how rappers of any age can make money doing shows on the road. But you really gotta listen as he taps on the unfairness of Funk Master Flex and his mumble rap rants. It’s a really dope interview. Please, Listen, Like, Share





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