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Shop Talk: DJ Layne Luv chops it up with The Legendary Kwame’

While 2016 has been a turbulent year for the majority, it has also taken DJ Layne Luv on a Hip Hop Ride, (peace to Da Youngstas) What started out as an interview with The Legendary Dana Dane back in April 2016 has turned into a solid friendship, as we discovered we shared a lot of the same core values when it comes life outside of Hip Hop. From that friendship, he’s introduced me to his circle of friends, which is a tremendous honor that I don’t take lightly. One of those friends is Kwame Holland.

While preparing to talk to this brother, I did my research and watched a number of interviews on YouTube and read articles that focused on a number of his contributions to Hip Hop such as the polka dot shirts and blonde streak, his rise to fame as a rapper, of course The Notorious B.I.G. diss on the song Unbelievable leading to his disappearance out of the spotlight, all the way up to his resurgence in 2004 producing with Eminem the hit song with Lloyd Banks “On Fire” . However, I hadn’t yet heard an interview where they got the rapper to open up about himself and his views on the State Of Hip Hop (shameless plug lol) today. So I figured we’d go in that direction for the interview. What he gave us was so much more. Listen to the interview as we talk about his upbringing and the influences that created the hit records and overall fashion sense.

Kwame is all grown up now with a new outlook on life. He has his own label (Make Noise Records) which has released the artist Vivian Green back in 2015 with the hit single “Get Right Back To My Baby” and working on solidifying his legacy by telling his story the way he wants it told. Uptown Weekly is grateful to him for sharing it with us.

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