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Shop Talk: DJ Layne Luv chops it up with Mr. Cheeks (LB Fam)

There are times when people in the spotlight have to take a hiatus from the chaotic demands of the business. The beauty of that time away is when you can refocus for the plan to expand, and to see the fruits of that expansion. That’s exactly what Martin Weiland did aka Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz fame. And now he is taking full advantage of 2017 by re-introducing himself independently through various sources of marketing.

We live in a time in music that moves at the speed of light, and the phrase “staying relevant” is an understatement. So to have a career that spans over 20 years in the rap game is not only to be acknowledged but highly respected.

The Lost Boyz came out at a very turbulent time in Hip-Hop. The year was 1995. They came out in the middle of The (Man! I hate to say this) East Coast-West Coast so-called beef. This was back when Suge Knight declared war on Bad Boy Ent. on a Source Awards stage in New York. Most people say that was the day that Hip Hop died. However I beg to differ. From the ashes sprouted the likes of Jay Z, The Fugees, Outkast, Cash Money Records and a group from Jamaica Queens that called themselves The Lost Boyz.

As their momentum to stardom seemed to show no end in sight, tragedy struck the group in 1999 when “The Spirit” of the group Freaky Tah had a very untimely demise outside an event in Queens and it shook the group to it’s core. Shortly after, other members in the group began to get locked up, which only left Mr. Cheeks to carry the name & the legacy.

When all seemed lost, 2001 breathed new life in Hip-Hop. The sound changed but the message remained the same..Hip-Hop..Don’t Stop. As you turned on your radio, you could here your Auntie say..”Hey that’s my song!” But this time it wasn’t Eddie Kendrick “Keep On Truckin” It was Mr. Cheeks coming full blast with a banger “Lights, Camera, Action”. Making it to the 14 spot on pop billboard and shooting straight to No. 1 on the R&B and Rap charts. This track permanently stamped Mr. Cheeks in Hip Hop history and is a party starter to this day.


It was great chopping it up with the legendary rapper. Listen to the interview below and we take you on a wild ride to the hip hop side. Though our conversation, we realized we definitely have one thing in common…Music Still Makes Us High!!! L zzzzzzzz!

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