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Shonte Renee: Straight Outta Oomp Camp by DJ Layne Luv

You never know how valuable a connection is until fate can be the only explanation for something amazing falling in your lap. Because if it wasn’t for my brother Alphonso giving me an all access press pass to the Fashion Meets Music Festival, I would have never met T-Pain backstage, which led me to connecting with DJ Montay which led to him sending me a video via Instagram of his new artist from his Oomp Camp label Shonte Renee.

This lil mama from the ATL is turning heads in the industry with her new single featuring Tallahassee rapper T-Pain “Want This”  From the first time I saw the video I completely got it! I thought to myself, they captured the girl next door face with lots of sex appeal and charisma. Her content is raw and relevant. Women of 2017 are not afraid of who they are and what they want.

StateofHip-Hop.com got a chance to catch up to Oomp Camp’s 1st lady this week to see how she broke into the industry. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce to you your next star, Shonte Renee….as we go a lil somn like this..hit it!

SOHH: First of all thank you so much for chopping it up with State Of Hip Hop. Let’s get right into it. Being that it is DJ Montay bringing you out, How did you two get together?

SR: So true story, we got together on Instagram. I posted of video of me singing and he must’ve went on my page and liked what he saw. Next thing I know, he found a way to get in contact with me and said something like, would you like to be Oomp Camp’s first R&B artist? Of course I said sure and the rest is history.

SOHH: So did you have a following before you linked up with Montay & T-Pain or is this your first taste of fame?

SR: Actually no, I definitely wasn’t doing music at all. I was just a girl that enjoyed singing. I’ve always loved to perform but I was never serious about it. But I guess God had different plans for me like Shonte you need to be getting your grind on. So all praise to God because he made that happen for me. To be honest, it was always my dream but you know how some people just leave it at that until favor shows up.

SOHH: Big kudos to your imaging team, because you have a girl-next-door face with sex appeal that’s out of this world. Plus your lyrics are raw wit heavy sexual content. Is that part of the marketing or is that something that comes natural? It thew me for a loop because I’m like this sweet-innocent looking lady is talkin hella sh*t…hahahaha.

SR: Buhahahahaha! Nope that’s the real me. lol. I’m just real about who I am and I think that’s what Montay was saying that he liked about me, because when he was trynna get a feel for my style, and he might have seen some sensual pictures I took a while back and thought..oh she’ll be perfect for what I’m trynna do. Montay wanted a sweet/bad girl lol and felt I had that very thing he was looking for.

SOHH: So tell us little bit about where you come from.

SR: I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I came out of Tri-Cities High School which is a performing arts High School that comes with a lot of great names that came out of that school. People such as Andre & Big Boi from Outkast. Kandi Burress from Xscape, Brandon Casey from Jagged Edge. There’s a lot of creative vibrations that come out of that school. And you’d be surprised how many major recording artist come there to visit that school. So coming out of all of that greatness, is what more than likely inspired me to be where I am at this moment.

SOHH: I researched on Youtube that you’ve done a few songs with The Nappy Boy.  What’s it like working in the studio with T-Pain?

SR: Oh my goodness T-Pain is great. He’s like most talented and gifted artist though. He pushes excellence and inspires me to be great. In the studio though he is silly and energetic. He’s also a great writer. T-Pain really brings creativity to a recording because he’ll suggest a harmony or a run and you’ll be like how did you think of that? Being around a master raises your level of talent because you can think you’re good…until you get in the studio with him.

SOHH: Women are really makin their mark in the rap game and music in general. Cardi B is definitely tearin down doors as far as women embracing their sexuality but still claiming their respect. I see you on the same path. How do you feel when that bold approach is not readily accepted?

SR: They’re gonna have to accept it. There’s no going backward there’s only moving forward. Two, if you’re thinking about how females used to be, you’ve already lost. We hold down a household by ourselves, we start businesses by ourselves, so it’s only right that we have our own opinion, our own voice. My music is who I am. I didn’t tailor make it for people that want to put me or any other woman in a box. You either love me or leave me alone….but hey I just ignore the haters. Next! hahahaha.

SOHH: Lastly, Where can people purchase your latest single “Want This”?

SR: It’s currently on my Soundcloud but we’re working really hard to put it up on all streaming sites like iTunes/Apple Music , Tidal and all that good stuff. Gotta make sure that paper is right though.

SOHH: Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.

SR: Thank you so much for having me, hopefully you’ll bring me back further into my success as a singer.

No doubt!






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