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She’s Gotta Have It! by Delayne Whiteside with Comedienne Luenell


If you were watching the first presidential debate of 2016 this week, you’ll know that women are still fighting for, and demanding respect in the 21st century from boys clubs (or gentleman’s clubs) around the world. By observing comments left on social media in regards to the way Republican candidate Donald Trump kept rudely interrupting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the debate, it left a sour taste in the mouth of a number of American voters. This behavior does not surprise Comedienne Luenell one bit. She says that most women that are ambitious enough to want the best out of life and boldly go after those goals, are always met with resistance, more so than their male counterparts.

So imagine a lady in this day and age, letting it all hang out (literally), unapologetic, and holding nothing back on stage. That would be Luenell. Her comedy is received around the world, but for those that don’t like her…I doubt she really gives a damn. On stage, her life is an open book. She’s very transparent and she invites the audience in her world to feel her joy and pain. I believe transparent comedians make the best comedians because they don’t tell jokes, they tell stories. It was Richard Pryor that said the truth provides the best comedy.

So think it not strange that Luenell is very comfortable talking about her vagina and the power that women possess because of it. She wants to empower women to embrace thier sexually, because after all, women love sex too and it shouldn’t be taboo to talk about it in the 21st century. She jokes about getting old, and how her agility in the bedroom is limited because of her aging gracefully, but she still loves to chase younger men. LOL

Bold and brazen women doing comedy is not new, but throughout time, it’s just presented differently. History documents that Moms Mabley was one of the pioneers of female blue comedy. Mabley’s influence can be found in a number of today’s african american female comics such as Whoopi Goldberg. Mo’Nique, Sommore, Adele Givens including Luenell.

However these women do not get the big budget dollars from comedy tours and box office films like male comics such as Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Katt Williams and the late great Bernie Mac.  All these facts, and people still have the nerve to frown upon shows that celebrate the black women like Black Girls Rock and CentricTV. But make no mistake about it, this girl from Oakland California by way of Arkansas is still destroying the barriers.

Luenell can be found across America promoting her comedy cds and dvds, or her line of glamour apparel for the everyday woman. She has appeared in dozens of movies such as Borat, Think Like a Man 2, and Nick Cannon’s School Dance. The woman has put her stamp in comedy and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Luenell tore the house down last week at The Funny Bone in Columbus Ohio. What I admired most is that with all of her success, she stayed after the show until every autograph was signed and every picture was taken. There is much to be said about a person that has received the blessing of The Creator and remains humble and willing to serve.


Expect more good things to come from this phenomenal woman. When asked if she would ever clean up her act if the big television check comes knocking she says …Shhhh*&+ She can’t wait to sell out…LMAO!







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