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Shawty Lo “Put Some Respek on It”

It was only a matter of time until a rapper sampled Birdman’s infamous interview on The Breakfast Club. I’m not sure if anyone predicted Shawty Lo as the man to jump on this train first, but that is exactly who did. The “Dey Know” rapper offers up his twist on the Birdman diatribe with “Put Some Respek on It.”

The D4L member’s new record is supposed to appear on a new mixtape which is said to be coming soon. “Put Some Respek on It” sees Shawty Lo repping the streets and sticking to what got him to where he is today. Ultimately, he wants that respect.

“I’m from the Bank homie/I keep a bank on me/Shawty be dead fresh/This be the Bank homie/I got the old money/I’m talking street money/There with my day ones/These n—as will kill for me/I got a big homie/He got the bricks homie/You n—as that rap, hush/You never had street money,” Shawty Lo raps

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