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Seattle’s Caj Encee Enjoys a Good Ol’ Fashion, “Paris Night”

Seattle-based recording artist Caj Encee is creating a lot of buzz surrounding his catchy latest single, “Paris Nights”. Caj links with talented director Dyllyn Greenwood for the visual presentation preparing a forthcoming album coming this March.

Blending vintage VHS concept with lavish lifestyle. On “Paris Nights”, Caj Encee delivers acquired taste lyrically during a night of beautiful women and high-profile partying. Ideal trips overseas, high-price appeal, and more, we are meeting one of the hottest new acts of 2019.

Caj Encee on “Paris Nights”:

“Caj Encee delivers a hard-hitting anthem boasting trips to Paris, while defining his true to self-nature. He pridefully reps his native Washington State as he pays homage to Seattle legends Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix throughout the easy-to-sing-along chorus.”

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