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Sarah AppleB

Sarah AppleB new EP ‘Tables Turn’ will be dropping in all digital stores and streaming services on June 22nd. Until then, learn a little about her.

CEO of Moral Minds LLC, female rapper, and songwriter Sarah AppleB was born April 30, 1991 in Detroit, MI.  Since a kid AppleB always displayed a passion for music rather it was playing the trumpet in her middle school band or creating beats off FL Studio 8.  Combining the knowledge of reading music with the love of it helped in learning to create instrumentals consistently. She would take those same beats and later write to them. In 2011 she experienced for the first time what it was like to record in a studio and at that point the passion grew deeper.

In March 2012 AppleB decided to take her hobby serious when she released her first mixtape ” It’s Only Expensive If You Can’t Afford It” Hosted by Mr. Chevy through Dat Piff & SoundCloud. She passed out physical copies, performed at various local venues around Detroit, and released visuals via Youtube to promote the project.  In the summer of June 2014 she dropped a joint project titled “I Said It” with female rapper Kitty Kash under the rap duo name Beautiful Bosses Inc.  Both projects attracted attention locally but AppleB decided to hit the drawing boards to find a way to market and expand.

After taking the time to gain knowledge of the music business through reading and attending seminars AppleB formed her label Moral Minds LLC June 2016.  Since then she has dropped her solo EP “I Go: No Leaches Allowed” which is now receiving play on a national level through digital sites. You can find visuals associated with the project via her website. The project is said to be a breath a fresh of air; from the originality in her voice to the unheard melodies.  She has a raw style that is expressed in lyrics that give detail on situations and experiences she has witnessed or been through.

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