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Sacha Chang (Interview & Gallery)MAY EDITION)


Name: Sacha Chang

Age: 25

Hometown: LA

Relationship Status: Single

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Sacha, let’s get right to it, you have an accent, where are you from?

I was born in England/UK. What is your ethnicity? My father is Chinese/Jamaican and my mother African American/British.

Gorgeous! And you mentioned you are a professional dancer, tell me more about that.

I trained at local dance school for 15 years in UK. I finished my education and moved to the city (London) where I was awarded a scholarship to one of the best Theater schools in the country. I left after a year as I booked a world tour, and was eager to get in the real world.

What was the world tour? How was that experience?

The world tour was a Hip Hop show called ‘Bounce’. It was undeniably a life altering experience. It opened my eyes to a couple things.. how on one hand, dreams can come true, and on the other how real racism is. We were loved and appreciated on world class stages but then would get funny looks when hanging out at our hotels. 

What motivated you to move to the United States? 

I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities in the UK but I wanted more.


Gotcha, now you’re in LA, how do you feel?

My work ethic is crazy, I no longer feel limited. I took a trip to LA and instantly new this is where I had to be to make shit happen at a world wide level. I was awarded my work papers, which are like gold dust!.. and made the move!

You’ve been in a few popular music videos, is this something you will continue to pursue?

I love it! I’m going to go with the flow. I’m surrounded by world class talent behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

What was the most fun you had on a video set? What video?

I’m grateful for all the shoots I’ve worked on but I would say the last video, DJ Khaled ft Chris Brown, Future, August Alsina, Jeremih – Hold You Down. The location was stunning, I love the song, the production team was super dope and it was amazing to see all those artists working together.

Have you ever had a bad experience on a video set? Explain.

Yes. They bought In and Out burger for dinner.

Hilarious. When do you feel your sexiest on a video set?

When the glam squad are on point and have the makeup/styling done to perfection.

What’s next for Sacha Chang? Any upcoming videos?

Yes there are! Some of which I can’t mention as the artist wants the video to be a surprise.. But you can look out for me dancing for my fellow Brit Jessie J ft Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande in ‘Bang Bang’. She’s like no.1 in 25 countries right now, very proud.

Also, I’ve just signed with an incredible acting agent and am recording music with a great production team. So hopefully you’ll be seeing me in more movies and hearing my music soon.

Where can we find you on social media?


5 Hip Hop Videos that feature Sacha:

1. DJ Khaled – Hold You Down ft Chris Brown, Future, August Alsina, Jeremih

2. Trey Songz – Foreign

3. Jason Derulo ft Snoop – Wiggle

4. Kid Ink – Main Chick

5. Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande – Bang Bang

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