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Romero – Facade @RomeroMvsic

Maryland’s Romero takes on the modern day rapper “Facade” that’s taken over on his new song.

“Facade” describes the fraudulent personas that people in the industry of rap create and sell to their fans, making people believe that they are larger than life. I created this song as a warning and reminder for me about what is to come in my future and where I come from. The great thing is the song has a great message but is blended with lyrics and flows that are energetic and can get people energized.

Romero is an artist currently living in Maryland but was born in Philadelphia. He has always had a love for music in general and he actually started writing music when he was 14. He gained his greatest amount of inspiration from Eminem, it was his delivery and lyrical skill that initially hooked him. The content and emotion instilled in his lyrics still stick with him to this day. With influence from Eminem, he focused on trying to rap the craziest bars and possibly seeing if he could make it work. Surprisingly, he was good at putting everything together for the first time.

As he got older, he went through many hardships that forced him to mature and advance his lyrical content and mindset. He took those troubles as a blessing and a curse because they most definitely helped him to become the rapper he is today but still left him with periods of hopelessness. The expression from music surely helped him cope with everything.

At this point in his career, he is trying to develop and show off his versatility, while keeping the music fun for him. He is also working on creating the most professional sound he can. For his next move, he’s thinking about beginning to find inspiration for his EP that he plans on releasing which will get people more familiar with his skill set. The only thing he feels that is holding him back in music is the limitation of his platform. With that being said, he knows that if he can place himself in the right positions he can begin to create his mark in music.

Romero is eager to get to a point in his career that his music is appreciated by those who need it. He is attempting to incorporate the state of his mind into his passion and hopes that it reaches anyone that he can. Thankfully, he was blessed with the influence of both of his parents being in his life. His parents were both in the military so they moved around a lot, could never really pinpoint a true home. He sees his parents as the two hardest working people he has ever known and feels as if their passion and drive was passed down into him.

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