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Rob Waves – Light Blue @robwaves1

Rob Waves’ “Light Blue” describes the beautiful hues of love, butterflies and feelings that are felt when looking into your significant others eyes. We get a visual idea of this courtesy of the official video from Vidlord.

For years, Rob Waves has been writing music, thinking he had to be about things everybody else in the game talked about, cars, money, fame, etc. It wasn’t until he started to write about his experiences, authentic music that could elevate people, help them know there was a better way that they could make it and not to give up. Waves started writing about lessons he learned, losses he had, his hopes, his wants, his dreams. Influenced by his favorite artists Aaliyah and Drake, Rob Waves is here to make a distinct and unique sound from his melodies sprinkled with rap and switching to singing and vice versa. Baltimore born, Virginia raised, Waves is crashing down with a new sound for us all.

#LightBlue #RobWaves

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