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Raven Kapone: Northside Ambassador by DJ Layne Luv

Change is the most significant when people from a person’s past can hardly recognize them from the positive adjustments they have made in their life. That can definitely said about Raven Kapone. From his gang ties to his legendary ghetto stories, the hood knows Raven is focused solely on the music at this time in his life. I asked one friend about an altercation Raven had at the station that he handled calmly, the mutual friend said “Back in the day, Raven would have whooped dat niggas ass on site…you damn right he’s changed!” Holding the Columbus Northside near and dear to his heart. He really reps the Bustown with everything that’s in him. He also has quite the reputation for outworking his competition. While being homeless for 54 days and sleeping in the studio, I got a chance to witness Kapone’s work ethic. I can compare those ethics to that of a mad man. We would both arrive in the early morning at the WTMH studio, only to leave at midnight, come back, and the next day to do it all over again. Even when it comes down to engineering and mastering a track, Kapone would listen to the same section of the song for hours looking for perfection, driving me and my partner Avian up a wall. But that’s the type of perfection he demands. Don’t believe me? Go in the studio one day and put the chairs out of order or disarray his workspace…. You won’t even be able to conduct a productive conversation with him because disorder totally messes with his psyche. We tease him about being OCD all the time but he’ll deny it every time.

These days, he’s not only pushing his music, but he also wears many other hats, while he sits on the executive board of WTMH Radio, he runs Nyte Lyfe Recordz, project manages the Media Teez t-shirt company and still finds time to host The Buckeye Underground Show with DJ Dre. When it comes to Kapone, busy in an understatement, but somehow, someway the father of 6 children manages all of his hats effectively. “I’m honest and to the point. Being this way cuts out a lot of bullshit and time wasted” says Kapone.

Kapone doesn’t like to consider himself a “jack-of-all-trades” but the “ultimate hustler” because he says “I don’t like waiting on people to do what I need them to do and the way I want things done. By the time you’ve given me 100 excuses on why I can’t have what I’ve envisioned in my head, I’m already mastering it.” This is not to say Kapone is not a people person. The people of the Columbus, Ohio community come to him for many reasons including hosting children’s birthday parties.

These days his focus is on a Hip Hop sultry R&B singer that goes by the name of Desha. The seemingly quiet vocalist initially came in the studio unnoticed because she didn’t say much. When Kapone first started to work with her, I chopped it up as someone he just needed for a hook. As the weeks progressed I noticed he was developing her voice to perform on stage. The end result was a dramatic soulful “Emotional Rollercoaster” (video can be found on Youtube)The genius of Kapone was so raw that he stripped all of the music for her video and just left in the snaps. He said, “I want people to hear her imperfections. You hear that rawness?, I left all of that in there so her audience can grow with her as she masters being a true vocalist.” “I want them to feel that raw pain” I was amazed. I thought to myself…. “Man he really believes in her”

Kapone being 36 years of age also takes on the OG role to young rappers. I asked him about how he feels about a number of Columbus trap rappers brandishing high caliber weapons in the videos he produces for them. He feels that youngsters in the hood are going to do what they want to do, so he doesn’t want to come off too preachy, but if he can offer a little guidance, then he feels he has served his purposed. “I just make sure they clear all bullets out the chamber before we start to shoot, because I’d just as soon hand them their money back, then to be uncomfortable about someone being careless on set”. 

Raven Kapone is believable because he puts his money where his mouth is. If he’s not putting out single after single such as “Who Run Ohio” (a lil pokey at Bow Wow & Trippie Red) he’s putting together showcases around Columbus city to show he has the confidence that his artists Desha and Blow Breezy have what it takes to get to that music industry level.

When State Of Hip Hop asked Raven Kapone why it’s so important that his name is Legendary long after he is gone he states…”I’ve survived too much, I’ve seen too much….been thru too much and I work too hard not to be. That’s all you really have is your name. Money comes and goes, people come and go but I got my name and before I die I WILL BE A LEGEND




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