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Rap Battles?  In Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has been producing music since, well, as long as I can remember. King Records was here. Warner Brothers was here. L.A. Reid was here. We’ve produced the Isley Brother’s. Bootie Colons, of Parliment Funkadelic calls Cincinnati home.

Most recently, Cincinnati has seen a huge influx in their music scene, with a hip-hop community rapidly growing in strength, number, and ability. Boasting artists like Sleep (The Fraternity), Santino Corleon, Young Butta, Monty C. Benjamin, and producer Hi-Tek (50 Cents song “Get in my Car,” and many more talented individuals. Not to mention Talib Kweli, of Black Star (along side Mos Def), visits Cincinnati to work with artist Buggs Tha Rocks (Space Invadaz) and Hi-Tek. The rapid growth of the hip hop scene has also spurned the development of jobs ranging from graphic design to merchandising and apparel. And thanks to Cincinnati’s favorite masked man, Robby Cee, aka Dat Nati Kid, there is an awards program much like MTV’s MVA, and a print magazine as well as many blogs and online radio stations making air play more accessable for aspiring artists.

But….something that gets very little attention, is Real Rap Battles, Cincinnati’s premiere Battle league. Below is a video of one of the battles. This is just a preview of what is to come. Soon, ill be covering the event and providing live feedback and crowd interaction. Check out the channel to see more. Leave me a comment. Tell me what you think.

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