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R.N.$. – Tinder @errbodyloveray

The Tinder video is the newest track from the R.N.$. EP entitled “LA Times”. The track was inspired by Tinder hookups in LA, while vacationing in Hollywood and recording music all week. “We stayed in an Airbnb where Lake Hollywood was at, and where Jim Morrison once stayed, so the vibes were just hella natural. We were in the studio. Nicky was making the beat, and we was all on Tinder. Then we just talked our shit and had fun. It became like a fan favorite.”

R.N.$. is the formation of rappers Ray Chris & Spida Jones. With a brotherly chemistry and completely opposite lifestyles, they immediately sound like something out of the ordinary. Their newest LA Times EP was recorded in Los Angeles and fully produced by the upcoming talent Nicky Quinn. The marketing is interesting because the EP has been dropping track by track, in a singles type of format. Be on the lookout for more R.N.$., as well as Ray Chris and Spida Jones’s solo work.

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