• clifton binnon

PATx – Hurt Locker

“Hurt Locker” is a premiere sound, launching the new energy of PATx, one that is unapologetic, gritty, high-energy, and intense. Hurt Locker is a representation of his new wave of explosive sound, telling everyone to “move get back,” addressing those who may have let the older content fall on deaf ears.

PATx is a self-produced artist out of South Carolina. Originally, Pat would produce for local artists. Jokingly, he would freestyle with rappers during studio sessions. After someone suggesting he make a song, Pat began to rap over his own instrumentals. Since, PATx has created over 10 mixtapes and 3 albums, fusing his sound with Jazz, EDM, and recently Punk. He directs his own videos, creates his own album art, and designs his own merch. His goal is to create a cult following and be influential enough for his collective to pursue the movement full-time.

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