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Ottosilence Ft. Kyle Lee – Automated Teller Machine | @OttoSilence

Ottosilence and his unique style of pop , rnb , rock and rap are back at it again! San Antonio native is working on another project titled TREND GOD 2 ! A sequel to the album released in 2017! With local star power and future and Travis Scott vibes, blended with drake and childish gambino hooks, combined with new age pop and rnb! This album is in high regard in the south! HE KICK STARTS THE ALBUM WITH 3rd Degree LEGEND “King Kyle Lee” TITLED AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE! YOU CAN FIND THIS SINGLE EVERY-WERE BELOW!

Twitter https://twitter.com/OttoSilence

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ottosilence/

https://open.spotify.com/album/5zvLVc3r3i6DULLsckZEyy?si=IScty5gQRouZaee0DuriFA …


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