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My thoughts, Just my thoughts: The Music experience, The Consumer


It’s funny that I’m writing this, due to the fact that just this past Sunday DJ Layne Luv (Delayne Whiteside) and I was sitting in Barnes & Noble and I told him that I would not write. The reason that I gave was, that I was hesitant to write is due to the fact that I didn’t think that I had the patience for it. The truth is that I was afraid of of putting my words out there for the whole world to see. After a few nights of contemplating of writing I thought to myself, that I always have something to say, I always wanted to blog and I have to put in some work to make this dream of mines come true. Therefore, I’m going to start writing short posts on The State of Hip-Hop website. Some will be longer than others, but something will be posted.

The way this will go is that I will pose a question that I’ve been thinking about. Give my opinion and hope that you all will chime in with you all thoughts. So, let’s see how this goes.

Question: Did technology ruin the music experience?

In my humble opinion, YES!!! Now this is a question that could be answered in multiple parts. Today I will focus on the consumer side, later I’ll talk about the artist and than I will talk with my DJ friends to talk about the DJ side.

Who remembers going to the actual record store to buy the latest release by your favorite artist? I do… Have you ever spent hours going through the music, to only buy one album? I have… Have you spent so much time in your local record store that the owners knew your name and knew what you were coming in for? I have. Now a question that most of our children will have is “What the hell is a record store?”, we will inform them at a later time.

I miss the days of running to the record store from school or work to buy the latest release. Struggling to crack the case open. Having that cassette or disc in your hand (what are those?) Inserting it into the player and bumping it while you read the insert, looking at the picture of our favorite artist and finding out who produce what track. That was an experience.

Now days an artist can drop a track or an album at anytime, which may excite you for a second. An artist can have a dope track and you might listen to it for a week or so and then forget about it until someone or something remind you of it. Is this the experience that we want? No, there is no anticipation being built up to listen to your favorite artist. One of the many reasons is that you can easily get the music on your phone with no effort or sacrifice, except for the $10/mth that you may pay. I could go on for days on why the experience of today isn’t up to par, but I intended to keep this short.

I wish I can go back to the 90’s or early 2000’s and spend an hour or two in the record store and spend that thirty to forty dollars every Tuesday for the experience again.

Side note: Don’t confuse The Music Experience of yesterday with the convenience of today. There is no comparison.

Remember these are my thoughts, just my thoughts; if you agree with them or disagree with them let me know below.

Questions for the audience to consider:

What was you all’s experience in consuming music?

Do you all miss The Music Experience of yesterday?


Are you all happy with the new experience or the lack there of?

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