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My thoughts, Just my thoughts: The Music experience, The Artist

Question: Did technology ruin the music experience?

Last week I talked about the experience of actually consuming music; today I’m going to discuss the artist and the how it effects the experience.

I’ve been reading Charlamagne Tha God’s book titled Black Privilege. In the book, he lays out eight principles that he lives by. I’m just going to focus on one and it is, “Fuck your dreams, unless it’s yours”.  That sounds harsh as hell on the surface, but when you look at the entire statement it makes plenty of sense. Charlamagne explains this principle by explaining, that the youth in our community often have the desire to be an athlete or a musician, because that’s what they see that works. Therefore, those are not really the dreams and passions of our youth.

Technology has allowed individuals that have no business touching a microphone to try to release music for the masses to hear. Better yet, it has allowed individuals to try to imitate their favorite artist. For example, that damn Panda song. Dope song, but for weeks I thought it was Future. Come to find out it was an artist named Desiigner. I know that some say that Imitation is the best form of flattery, but damn. Now, I don’t know what Desiigner’s situation was nor do I care. But I bet it went something like this; he recorded Panda on a computer; someone heard it and offered him a chance to hit the studio. Now I may be wrong, but you get my point,

Now days all you need a computer and a microphone to attempt to record a track. The ease of recording would not be an issue, if we didn’t have what I call the American Idol effect. Remember, watching American Idol for the first couple of weeks just to see the thousands of people that knew they couldn’t carry a note come out and audition. But, instead of having Simon, Paula and Randy to weed out the BS, we have to rely on the DJ’s, which does a great job and us the consumers.

Since starting The State of Hip-Hop website, you wouldn’t believe some of the craziness that I have heard and seen. I’ve heard so many Future’s and Young Thug’s, that it’s not even funny. This fact tells me that it’s not their passion; they just see it working for Future and Young Thug. Hence, fuck their dreams…

Now I do realize that there are actual talented artist that only have a computer and a microphone; I believe that if they are truly talented and if they are passionate, they will eventually have the opportunity for the world to see their talents. They will have to let their passion show and they will make it. But, if you are not talented and/or it is not your passion, FUCK YOUR DREAMS.  

Remember these are my thoughts, just my thoughts; if you agree with them or disagree with them let me know below.

Questions for the audience to consider:

Do you all listen do Indy artist, if so what do you think?


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