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mUsa – Capital U @king_mansa_mUsa

“Capital U” is mUsa’s debut album, a revolutionary, new-wave trap project that delivers his finest work in a concise, 12 track debut.

mUsa is a first-generation Pakistani immigrant artist/rapper/producer based in New Jersey. His background as a Muslim shines in his music, which allows him to bring a unique perspective that no other artists are currently bringing in today’s music. Lyrically his music differentiates himself from his contemporary as he rarely mentions material items such as cars, diamonds, chains but instead chooses to focus on the struggles of racism, imperialism, being Muslim in America, etc.

mUsa is not a “conscious rapper” nor is he a “backpack rapper.” His music can be described as “new wave trap”, his production is forward-thinking and accessible to all fans of modern trap music. mUsa is highly versatile and makes all types of music; new wave, trap, boom-bap, drill, etc.

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