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Midnight1200 – Sleep @miidnight1200

“Sleep” is the new single from up and coming artist, Midnight1200, which influence spans across continents. Sleep deprived Midnight born English but half Canadian takes what he loves most about music from across the Atlantic and fuses it into what he knows best about his home. Featuring South Africa born but British bred Phundo Art who brings lyrical snap to the song whilst also being produced by New York artist Pluss and Midnight1200. Heavy 808’s and a catchy hook makes “Sleep” a song worth listening to over and over again.

Midnight1200 is the UK bred, half Canadian singer & producer inspired from across the Atlantic, born in England, and raised by the internet. Midnight, 21, spent his teenage years looking for any way a kid from the countryside of England could get into the industry he loved most, rap. Self-taught producer, engineer and vocalist Midnight was raised by YouTube tutorials and Noisey documentaries, shaping who he is today. Now residing in London, Midnight looks to take the UK & US with his multicultural style of music.

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