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Mekka Don – Born to Win by

“Born to Win” is an anthem and the music video features a lot of young people (including the viral phenom 10 year old twin boxers – the Grandy Twins!). The overall message is positive/inspiring and we have a whole “Born to Win” campaign with Pilot Boys starting after the release featuring some really dope people.  The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to embrace their innate talents and the fact that WE ALL WERE INDEED BORN TO WIN!  Daily we will release a different video on our social media from a different awesome person showcasing their story.  We have videos from doctors to lawyers to members of SWV to Buster Douglas and more!  

Also, next month Pilot Boys will be releasing its official BORN TO WIN wristbands.  Please follow and help us share this Born to Win movement!

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