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Malcolm Anthony – Chasing Perfect @_MalcolmAnthony

Malcolm Anthony’s latest project, Chasing Perfect, is one of the most honest, self-aware, and revealing albums to be released in years.

Chasing Perfect Chasing Perfect, an album by Malcolm Anthony on Spotify

Featuring production from some of the hottest names in hip hop, the 7-track EP is a vivid, autobiographical portrait of the world that shaped Malcolm into the artist he is today. It’s half heart-breaking, half hopeful, and it took everything he has to get it made, so it’s a rare peek behind the curtain of what it’s like putting your entire career, family, ambitions, insecurities, and flaws on the table, knowing that ultimately it will come down to other people deciding if your everything is actually enough.

Born in Jersey, based in LA, Malcolm Anthony brings endless talent and tireless hustle to the rap game. Through hundreds of shows, millions of streams, and co-signs from the biggest names in hip hop, Malcolm has established himself as one of the most versatile talents in the industry. He’s been featured in Pigeons & Planes, Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, Mass Appeal, Noisey, Daily Chiefers, and HotNewHipHop, and has collaborated with Lex Luger, Judge, Count Justice, Mainframe, Wax Motif, Pham, Squidnice, Ricky Remedy, Wave Chappelle, and David Morse.

His latest project, Chasing Perfect, gives an unflinching look into his journey as an artist in one of the most honest, raw, and vulnerable albums in years. It’s a vivid portrayal of an artist who refuses to let challenges, circumstances, and obstacles break him. As Malcolm continues to cement himself as an essential voice in hip hop, he’s earned the right to take the stage on two of rap’s largest festivals: Rolling Loud Miami & Los Angeles.

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