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MadeInThe90’s – Heartless @iAmMadeInThe90s

MadeInThe90’s is a up and coming talent from the Midwest. His debut album is now on all platforms titled “Heartless Part 1”. Now an official video for the title track has arrived, shot by Bangvelli Films. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, he is making it very clear that no genre will define him.

“My Art is my legacy, Expression through my art is the only thing that still drives me, the only reason I’m still alive, and the only thing that still gives me hope that something pure still exists in this world.”

When listening to his debut studio album Heartless Part 1, it is evident from the very beginning he pulls as much influence from melodic mainstream pop/ trap music as he does the angst, energy, and lyricism of alternative/ emo rock. Heartless Pt. 1 recorded at Urban Development Studios in Columbus Ohio and engineered by “Uncle” Mann Barton is the first 7 song installment of what is to be a 14 song 2 part album distributed across all major music platforms.

With no song lasting longer than 2 minutes and 45 seconds on Part 1 this is a fast paced project lasting only 17 minutes in total, leaving the listener wishing there was just one more song. MadeInThe90’s shows off not only his vocal ability and musicianship playing piano and guitar on two tracks, but also his production skills, having self produced one of the songs (Seasons Change People Don’t). His beat selection and choice of collaborating producers(Kyle Disbenett and Sapphire Beats) make for an atmospheric experience when paired with his clean vocal melodies and soul searching lyrics.

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