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LOVEANDKEEF- Stages @loveandkeef

Loveandkeef is a San Francisco based Hip-Hop duo blending boom bap with modern trap/ Bay Area culture. Johnny Love (Ventura, CA) & Keefer (Santa Rosa, CA) use their complimentary styles with complex handoffs and finessed song writing. The SF based duo play off of each other by combining Keefer’s hard hitting flow with Johnny Love’s smooth lyrical approach. The balance of opposites is the key to LoveandKeef’s style.

“Stages” is the duo’s raw presentation of the highs and lows of their journey together during their musical evolution is evident in both the song and video. Hardships, emotionally and mentally, have plagued the two leaving them in a place of contemplation of life’s existence. Although dismal, their perseverance and optimism shine through the shadows of habits and the contradictions they face on a daily basis. The video depicts a person much like themselves finding himself stuck in the same self destructive patterns on a daily basis. The viewer is left to decipher what is real and what is in their head as the audience experience the isolating existence of both an artist and a creative living in a constantly evolving city and culture.

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