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Laytrel was born in north east Washington D.C, on February 27th, 1993. Laytrel’s passion for music was inherited by his father. Laytrel’s father produced and engineered records as he was growing up. As a young boy Laytrel would compose compositions and melodies on his fathers keyboard and drum machine. By the age of 12 Laytrel relocated to south Baltimore due to living circumstances which is where his music career begun. The young artist was introduced to his first guitar by his father at the age of 13.

​Laytrel loved to lay down guitar riffs on his eight track digital recorded as his father created his drum beats.

Laytrel soon fell in love with hip hop after learning to use word play and creating metaphors no one else could think of. Laytrel’s music became more personal growing up due to his life experiences. His music started to consist of personality, personal feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Music is the only thing to keep the young artist sane and on the right track. After his closes sibling was murdered Laytrel found himself even more focused and willing to reach even greater heights.

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