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KloudyAllSeason is a multi-genre song-writer/artist. Kloudy is a Detroit, Michigan native. His sameness sets Kloudy apart from other artists. You can re-live his moments in-realtime. Every song the scene is set and story is being told. Kloudy has been performing since 2010 when Detroit had no spotlight or many major unsigned events.

With songs like “BCode” Kloudy captures the innovative side of music. By rapping binary codes and programming languages with-in the song. Tracks like “DBoy” give Kloudy the space to express his street side while dropping jewels. First line of the verse sets DBOY apart “Never use your ID to take a trip“. Let’s finish with “HighLifeReel” Kloudy answers questions he knows are coming. Admitting to sleeping on streets/alley ways and being a bum at one point in time in life. Experiencing KloudyAllSeason is one to live for.

Top 5 Songs by KloudyAllSeason

Shadows (feat. Breana Marin) 3:15

Shadows was produced by DreamLifeBeats. The song was released the end of 2017. As soon as the songs comes on it’s like someone knocking at the door. Then Breana comes in with her beautiful vocals to set the tone. Kloudy speaks of real world problems and everyday life struggles.

DreamLand Prod by ColdStyles 3:00(unreleased)

A song from a dreamer lashing out at those who fed him doubt. This song is to be felt deep in the soul. The lyrical content and strong words do just that. This is the song for all who didn’t believe or showed hatred.

What’s Going On prod. by BlaisanBeats 3:02

Soon as the beat drops it sounds like we are going on a journey. Kloudy takes you through six states telling the tell off a drug transporter.

HIghLifeReel Prod by RealizeBeats 3:00

The build up leading to the drop walks you right into KloudyAllSeasons beginning. Kloudy details his bottom up beginnings by starting at his most vulnerable time. Then he jumps here and there through his story as if he planned on certain questions to be asked.

BCode produced By RealizeBeats 4:00

A song of and for the future. From the beginning you hear the futuristic sound and the lyrics sets the scene. Starts off with Binary Code which spell K.E.I.R.U.S using Binry Number. The verse set the scene in by describing being watch but operating systems like Linux. Also referencing, serves,javascript, C# sharp, shifting loads, and a compilers. The song describes a hood tell in programming language. Also praising Hip Hop and telling all to remember the name.

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