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Kichi Lee


How long have you been working in the  modeling industry?—

 I’ve been modeling for 3, going on 4 yrs now

What motivated you?

 What’s motivated me is the depth of my goals & visions. I’ve decided a long time ago that I will do more for myself & “my life”. It’s too much to life to not live it how you want too. I want to share this with the world & give others & show them that there is opportunity out there. No one should have to settle for anything in life.


What is your favorite aspect about your line of work as it is currently?

My favorite aspect about the work that I bring forth is that it’s all me. It’s not filtered or altered in any way. I get to be 100% myself, showcase my many talents, goals & ideas with the world while being completely in control, being free.

Is there a least favorite?

The only frustrations that I encounter are those with ulterior motives & those who tend to waste my time. This is the quickest way to piss me off & get on my bad side.

With the catalog of videos that you’ve been featured in, many viewers have seen you and possibly heard your name, but tell us who you are in your own terms


I consider myself to be an artist. I don’t like to place limitations upon myself because I do more then just model. I am a very creative, poetic & expressive person. So for the most party this is what I try to showcase & capture within my work. I’m very open & open minded so I like to be challenged & try new things constantly. I am a person of growth, depth & reflection. Who I am, lies within the work I provide.

If there were one thing you can tell a young woman who is beginning her career through this line of work, what would you tell her?

If there was one thing I could tell any young girl or woman who is interested & beginning their career through this line of work or anything pertaining to entertainment is to simply & more importantly “be yourself”. Be your whole & true self. Stay true to who you are, what you believe in, what you represent & do not let anything or anyone get in the way or jeopardize that. Not everyone will like you or what you do but do it for you & no one else. Do what makes you happy!!

And for all of our male readers who definitely want to know, what is your relationship status?


Right now I am talking to someone at the moment but we will see where things go from here. So far, so go.

The photos featured in this article gallery are giving me urban, sexy vibes, tell me a little bit about the different shoot.

Each photo showcases a different side of who I am. My photos definitely capture the many perspectives of my personality. It’s kinda in a way some sort of alter ego that is captured & brought to life.

What’s next for you  now ?

Man I have so much that I am working on. I am such a multitasker but I love it! Mainly I am still pursuing modeling. I am also getting more into acting & music. There are many other projects that I am working on as well but you’ll just have to tune into my website for updates (www.kichilee.com)


Wanna def shout out my beautiful daughter Nyoikee, Camden, NJ where I’m from, all of those who support me, show love & everyone I’ve worked with this far, I greatly appreciate you all & it means so much to much. Thank you!

Kichi Lee


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