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JP Rabelo – At Nights It Feels Like I’m Dying. @Jprabelo_wav

“At Nights I Feel Like I’m Dying.” is a song by local Florida artist, JP Rabelo. It’s track #5 off of his debut project, “Cuban Roast”, released earlier this year and by far his most personal song to date. With a song title like that, mixed with introspective lyrics over a lo-fi instrumental, JP brings a brutally honest track packed with lines that everyone at one point in their life can relate to.

With a dark tone ever-present, JP does not shy away from diving into heavy subjects such as uncertainty & existentialism. He sheds light on the pessimism he & many others experience in solitude, while adding a hint of hope in his verse. The music video to this song is no different, keeping the essence of the song in tact. If you are a fan of thought-provoking music that you can feel, make sure to check out “At Night I Feel Like I’m Dying.” by JP Rabelo.

JP Rabelo is an independent artist from Matanzas, Cuba. JP discovered his love for music at a very young age, learning how to play drums when he was 5, and then moving on to learning other instruments as time went by. Growing up his family moved around a lot, living in Cuba and Spain before moving to the United States at the age of 14. Experiencing all of these diverse cultures first-hand, combined with his love for different genres such as soft rock, hip-hop and classical music, all played a role in molding his sound today, which many would describe as “lofi hip-hop”. As of 2018, Rabelo released his debut EP entitled “Cuban Roast”, with orchestral, hip-hop, EDM and alternative elements all blended in to make a transparent, versatile project.

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