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JahDell – No Sense @therealjahdell

JahDell just dropped the video for “No Sense” and gave us a play by play behind the release.

“No Sense” came about by me just trying to see everyone eat and wanting to inspire and keep this kid following his dreams, no matter what others might have told him. I was introduced “Warriorsthrone” a freshmen in high school. Who had raw talent but due to his age no one ever took him serious. He asked me for advice and if I could hop on a beat he did I told him “I got you.” We’re all just chasing our dreams trying to make it and provide for our family. When he played the No Sense beat, I told him “this shit is hard, this is a hit right here!” at the time a girl I was messing with is texting me talking about she loves me at the same time she had a boyfriend but didn’t want to leave him for me.

It wasn’t until she seen me grinding in the music and gaining a buzz. She started saying she wanted to leave him for me; I just put my feeling into the music. In the video I showed her as my “girlfriend.” She broke up with me for someone else because I wasn’t as fly. Throwing it in my face by having them both walking past me while I’m with my bros and their holding hands. Fast forward to when I blew up, I got a little money she hits me up talking about she misses me. When I see her I act like she doesn’t exist.

One day (after I blow up) I just wanted to fuck so I responded to her text. I picked her up in the Benz her kilt in the back of the Benz then I let her walk back home. By me just doing this for this kid it was a blessing for me as well because this song made me gain peoples attention.

“JahDell” was always a fan of music he’s an American rapper and songwriter from Queens, New York. He is best known for his songs “No Sense”, “Lost It” and “Hittas”, which gained him recognition on the New York music scene and gave him the name “Queens NewYork.” JahDell was apart of the minority, growing up in a 2 bedroom apartment with 7 people and sharing beds. He was never supposed to be someone. There was never a plan B for him only music. Every other thing going on in his life resulted with only two options death or jail. Music was his passion it saved him he discovered his love for music since in elementary.

When people heard his story and those who knew where he was coming from it gave them hope, motivation and it inspired them. He was a voice for the ghetto rapping about his story him being on the streets fighting to always make it back home, his hearts breaks and what was happening in his neighborhood. All that hunger made “JahDell”.

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