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Isaiah Never Lied…. By Delayne Whiteside


There are no shortage of prophecies in the bible, but as I get older I’m seeing more and more Isaiah 11:6 come to pass “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Well these aren’t little kids I’m talking about, but they most definitely represent the youth.

The shot of protest was fired Monday Sept 26th at the Columbus City Council meeting and it made headlines as young protesters wanted answers for Henry Green & Tyre King. In a time where an African American can be killed by law enforcement and the only result is usually paid-leave, suspension and a verdict of not guilty. Should the city be surprised that it has come to this? An inconvenienced meeting of angry chants is but a small price to pay for the now silenced young men that are murdered far too often on these American streets. The Peoples Justice Project stormed City Council like Huey Newton and & Bobby Seale (Black Panthers) did back in the day and demanded justice for the murdered young men.

But what caught my eye was a soldier…A Sistah Soldjah if you will. Unapologetic and brazen, she stood on the desk of the Columbus City Council and demanded answers for the deaths of these young men. That evening she was on all the local news channels and the very next day showed up in the Columbus Dispatch. Her name is Hana Abdur Rahim and she was not here for the foolishness. The hashtag #KNEEFORTYRE and #JusticeForHenry would be imbedded in the minds of the politicians on this day. When she spoke, she spoke with authority.

Naturally when I got the notification from Channel 4 news that the protesters would be out there the following Monday, I got a writers hunch that she would be there. I wanted to find out the ration (al) behind the passion. Once I reached City Hall it was one of those meant to be things. She was standing with other news reporters so I waited my turn and she was gracious enough to grant me some time to ask her some questions. Below is that interview. Listen to the powerful sistah speak!


Every since Ferguson’s Michael Brown I have been covering these many stories..but the vibe of the street is that people are getting fed up…Will Revolution come soon? I can’t answer that question, but I will say that everyone is awake and they see what is happening. How long will we let these murders continue? I’ll just say this……

All My People Say! Revolution!  -Arrested Development #ItsTime





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