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#IndieGrindSpotlight on @iAmAlliCAT new single ‘GOOD TIMES’

The 34-year-old rapper has recently hit 500,000 streams on Spotify & has been traveling the nation working on her rap game and social network. Now she’s back home in Mansfield and has earned a second nomination at the Independent Music Awards.

Her single, Good Times, has been nominated for the best acapella award. She was in to New York City on March 30 for the IMA festival and party.

Alli Cat’s first nomination, in 2017, was for her first EP, ‘Hawaii’s Home Girl.’

“This was definitely unexpected,” the Mansfield native said. “We submitted for about 12 nominations. Everything from producer, directors, art design. We submitted all of that and we got back the best a cappella song (nomination).” The cut was co-written by another rapper, Yung Gamillion.

“I wanted to work with Alli Cat since the first time I saw her performance at the Blaisdell in Hawaii. She is definitely talented,” Yung Gamillion said. “I was going to shows as a fan of local artists to support the culture. Then, a few weeks later, we bumped into each other at another artist’s music video, so she asked me if I do rap music. I said I wanted to get into it but I didn’t know the right people to show me the way.

“Alli Cat took me under her wings and showed me the ropes on how the culture in hip hop music is like.”From there the two worked together. During house visits, they would freestyle together.”It came down to the beat and how I was feeling at that time,” she explained of the feel-good song. Alli Cat had purchased a few beats from The Netherlands-based producer, Venomous; who produced most of her first project, “Hawaii’s Homegirl.”

She used one of them in the original version of Good Times.

“It’s a killer beat; it has a West Coast feel to it,” she said. “When we got it on the mic, he laid his verse down. We wrote lyrics, and that was that.”

The song originally appeared in her first EP. When the song received attention from online radios and in the community around her, she decided to branch it out into a single.

Along with the single release, she created an acappella version. “It’s something I do for all of my songs,” she said. “Also it’s easier for Deejays to pick it up and use it with other tracks.” Yung Gamillion said the song is reflective of the paradise Hawaii is known to be.

“In Hawaii it’s paradise, and we locals like to have a party on the weekends and turn up and have a chill vibe to kick back and relax after working all week, he said. “It means I get to share to world what we do in Hawaii that not too many people know about. Speak for the ones that can’t speak and open doors so people can see what’s it’s like.”

Alli Cat said her lyrics relate to her personal life and motivated by other people and past experiences.

“For example,” she said, “my song Motivation, is a compilation of all different advice given to me by my father. That’s why he’s on the cover of the album.”

The blooming rapper said because she has moved across the nation, working for the government in the financial sector. Living in Hawaii, parts of California, and traveling to places where “there are good vibes,” she feels she has developed pockets of fan-bases.

“To me, it’s all about vibe. If I go into an area and we’re well received. Anytime I’m at a showcase or more than one artist is performing, I definitely want to meet every (artist) in the room. I’m not really a social butterfly, but I turn into one at an event.

“I do that because I want people to be interested in what I’m doing on stage.”

AlliCat said she doesn’t yet know what she could win at the Independent Music Awards festival and party. But she knows a promotional package is on the table.

“It’s a little more prestigious than the state-level awards. If you are a nominee, you actually are a nominee on Google. I’m not downplaying the More local awards or anything, but that’s more of a local recognition, more street-cred. You walk away saying, ‘hey, I’m female of the year.’

“This one is more like, no Google says. It helps with verification and says, hey, I really am an artist now.”

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