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HBK Tyranny – Alon8 @TyrannyPace

HBK Tyranny is a versatile hip hop artist with an abundance of different flow patterns. Whether you want a trap banger or a relatable and vibey hip hop/rock song… HBK Tyranny got the slime. Well thought out bars, a good mix of rap/sung lyrics, fire adlibs and quality production makes every track unique and enjoyable. Listen to his latest body of work, “Alon8”.

Alon8 Alon8, an album by HBK Tyranny on Spotify

Founder of HBK MGMT, Tyranny Pace or HBK Tyranny was born and raised in Salt Lake City; He moved to New York after high school to pursue management and the entertainment industry. Recently he decided to pass off his management responsibilities for 3 artists (Fireman Band$, Slick Pusha, and Kyland Taylor) in order to focus on developing his own music career. Since then he has released three singles and is rapidly expanding his following.

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