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Harlem DJ’s Pt 2./ DJ Layne Luv chops it up with Fatman Scoop

I enjoyed speaking to the Party Rock veteran Fatman Scoop and getting his breakdown on what it means to be a Party Rock DJ. He’s got a new single out with Ron Browz called Cherry Longe. It’s another banger!!! When he told me he was from Harlem USA, everything made sense on why he was such a great entertainer. What I didn’t know is that he started out with Rob Swift and Roc Raida (RIP) from the X-Ecutioners. I’ll spare you the bio because you can get all that from wikipedia lol.

For Pt. 2 & 3 with Scoop & Kid Capri, they won’t be FULL blogs. I just want you all to peep out the one nugget they leave with me and drop the mic.

Below is the audio, of the night I got to ask my one question to the legendary party man with The Fleet DJ’s

Scoop! We salute you this week bruh! Keep doing what you do! #HARLEMDJS


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJEt5vYYKng[/embedyt]

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