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Gam3 Dork: Eat Sleep Kill Aliens | @nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz

Artist: Nonsenze (The Rapper) aka Dork Geniuz (The Producer)

Super Powers: Rapper/Producer/Writer/Mix+Master/Geek/Gamer(GameDorkPlays)

Location: Torrance, California

Genre(s): Hip-Hop/Nerdcore,Comedy,Rap







Spotify Artist profile” https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZOAs6jYssskY6nThvssuq?si=9f5IazhrRoSuMeGlF799rA

Booking email nonsenzebooking@gmail.com

Short Bio: Born in the 80’s & raised in the 90’s, Rapper/Producer Nonsenze aka Dork Geniuz is a Hip-Hop Artist heavily influenced by weed, 90’s rap, gaming & Geek culture.

Gam3 Dork: Eat Sleep Kill Aliens is the third album in Nonsenze’s “Game Dork mixtape/album series. As a predecessor to Eat Sleep Kill Robots & Eat Sleep Kill Zombies,-

 – ESK Aliens takes a more space themed approach, complete with out of this world lyrics & touch of modern 808-bit beats (produced all by himself as Dork Geniuz). For those who may not know, the purpose of the Game Dork series was to make something that both pure fans of hip-hop, gaming & geek culture could all vibe too and hopefully get inspired to think out of the box.

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